Is your survey platform ready for GDPR? - Vocé

Data privacy is in the news, in the crosshairs of regulators, in mainstream consumer conversations, and in no way fading as an important issue for enterprises. Survey software data privacy is part of this story because it contains vast amounts of important information about millions of people. Data privacy is the primary focus of new GDPR regulations.

GDPR regulations mean companies face heavy fines if they don’t delete the personal survey data of customers who request it. But if your employees are setting up rogue survey accounts on different platforms, you’re at risk because you won’t have visibility into how much individual data you have and where it is stored. After all, you can’t delete customer data that you can’t see.

To quantify the scope of this challenge, Qualtrics asked 120 IT Data Security decision makers how concerned they are about GDPR when it comes to survey data, and what they’re doing to avoid owning hidden pockets of customer data they don’t know about.

Key Findings:

  • 78% of organizations expect they will receive user requests to delete their survey data within the next 2 years
  •  1 in 3 organizations that use more than one survey platform don’t know how many surveys they are sending out
  • On average, businesses say their employees have set up 88 different survey accounts
  • 88% of IT Decision Makers said that consolidating to one survey platform will help them be GDPR compliant
  • Organizations that use multiple survey platforms are 5x more likely to expect to pay GDPR fines than those that use just one
  • 80% of organizations that are currently using multiple survey platforms are considering consolidating to one. GDPR compliance is the #1 reason to consolidate.

How Qualtrics Helps

Qualtrics has made GDPR survey compliance much easier with GDPR OneTouch.

The Qualtrics data deletion feature saves you hours of manual work and makes it easier to respond to data subject requests. Erasure happens in one place, with just a few clicks, reducing your total cost of ownership. With this self-service feature, brand admins can:

  • Bulk delete personal data on-demand, through a simple user interface
  • Use an authorized API to eliminate data
  • Delete completed survey responses based on an email address
  • Search for and delete tickets, distribution lists, and individual user accounts

The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform helps you manage your obligations under the GDPR Right to Erasure requests. You can conveniently delete personal data stored in survey responses, tickets, and contacts, no matter where the data originated.